Lunasin – The Clinically Proven Superfood

What is Lunasin?  A naturally occurring peptide and originally identified in soy. This peptide consists of 43 amino acids.

How does it work? Lunasin is the first compound identified to work at the epigenetic level to promote optimal health.

To learn more about lunasin and epigenetics view the video.

What if… there was a simple, proven way to turn good genes on, turn bad genes off and become your best possible you? To improve upon the genetic code your parents left you and even pass those healthy epigenetics on to your own kids?

Numerous independent studies demonstrate lunasin’s superior support for cancer-preventive effects, cardiovascular health, immune system support, significant anti-inflammatory properties, anti-aging, skin health, and more…

Lunasin is now one of the most heavily researched and scientifically supported nutritional compounds available today.

30+ Research institutions
20+ Funding sources
80+ Published papers

Lunasin Benefits

Cellular Health: Lunasin provides the nutritional fuel to promote the optimal expression of genes required for normal cell function. Lunasin protects cells by reducing inflammation and cell damage by free radicals and other environmental hazards through prevention and maintenance. This is done by activating the expression of genes that help reduce cell damage and preventing the expression of genes that can cause cell damage, while also helping remove damaged cells from the body that may cause chronic health problems.

Inflammation Reduction: According to a study at the University of Illinois, lunasin works to protect cells by reducing the negative effects of oxidative stress and by regulating the body’s inflammatory response. Lunasin protects against oxidative stress and inflammation caused by high-impact exercise and combats the aging effects of inflammation.

Cholesterol Management: The lunasin in LunaRich® selectively disrupts a step in the production of an enzyme key to cholesterol synthesis and increases receptors available in liver cells to clear LDL cholesterol from the bloodstream. So you get cholesterol-lowering benefits without disrupting the body’s normal functioning.

Improved Immunity: Immune cells in your body contain receptors that are genetically primed to respond to germs and other environmental toxins and remove them. If these receptors are slow to respond in your immune cells, your body’s innate defenses do not function properly. A study conducted at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis in 2012 showed that lunasin can affect this process. The study demonstrated that lunasin works to stimulate immune cell receptors, thus boosting innate immunity — the body’s first line of defense against infections.

Antioxidant Benefits: Antioxidants in our diet work to neutralize cell-damaging invaders and include nutrients such as beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, etc. Lunasin has been clinically shown to function as an antioxidant because of its ability to reduce oxidation of linoleic acid that produces oxygen radicals, act like an oxygen radical scavenger, and reduce oxygen radicals produced by macrophages. Macrophages are highly specialized cells that remove dying or dead cells and cellular debris.

What is LunaRich

LunaRich® from Reliv optimizes lunasin content like no other nutritional ingredient available today. Reliv has exclusive rights to the lunasin technology produced through a proprietary extraction process. No one else has been able to effectively extract bioactive lunasin of such quality and in such concentration and we own three patents relating to lunasin. Reliv is now way ahead of the curve in harnessing the power of this clinically proven superfood.

Reliv is now leading the industry in the field of nutritional epigenetics. New research shows that through nutrition people can influence which genes are expressed. Reliv is committed to building on this emerging science and developing nutritional solutions with lunasin and other plant-based nutrients that help people take control of their health. Our exclusive LunaRich® line of products optimizes lunasin content like no other nutritional ingredient available today.